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Poster: midnight sun Date: Mar 16, 2007 12:09pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Technical Questions solved and unsolved & 04-26-83

Many thanks to ALL of you for your responses and recommendations

These programs appear quite sophisticated at first glance. Going to try and check them all out in the next while. Just may take up Arbuthnot on his kind offer of further advice should i get bogged down.

Have been archiving the files in data format on cdr's, my intent is to create cd's that regular players (discman, car etc) can read as well as the ability to select individual tracks, just thought i would try and accomplish this without having to re-copy the files from my archived data discs back to my harddrive again, but this now appears to be a minor issue.

Wasn't aware that speedingarrow had JGB. BlueMtnMan has a good point in that it would be a lot easier to re-download what i can of these pre cut and higher bit rate quality shows, although i certainly wouldn't consider time spent learning to use these edit programs a waste.

Further inquiries:

1. Can the "line out" of a tape deck be patched to the "line in" on the back of a computer with success and safety for tapes to hd transfers via edit software? CCCC has mentioned that the line out of the computer may not be safely compatible with the line in of a conventional stereo amp.

2. Are there any portable digital listening devices (ipod etc.) capable of storing and reading WMA files of entire shows?

And now for the fun stuff;


Wicked selection doc!
pulled the discs from my WAV collection and gave them a spin while doing repairs and maintenance around my igloo yesterday aft
Shakedown is extra funky and definitive from the get go, Mexicali has an extra shot of energy i hadn't noticed in other renditions, Let It Grow sounds fierce, Slipknot! is as close to flawless as any, a remarkable feat considering the 83>84 HSF's have a pretty good clip to them tempo wise, the slipknot jam, SPACE>Truckin'>Dew are all happenin’

sent the dics up to the horizontal listening chamber for a more in-depth review via headphones on my next scheduled trip to inner space

that whole spring 83 run is worth a re-visit

thanx again to you all

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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Mar 16, 2007 12:08pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Technical Questions solved and unsolved & 04-26-83

Line out of PC is line level. Just get a 1/8th stereo to RCA phone adapter for a few bucks and it will work both ways, just switch in to out and vice versa... I digitized all my old cassettes that way.